Telephone Life Coaching - 4 hourly sessions

Telephone Life Coaching - 4 hourly sessions

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You can book a one-off session or series of life coaching sessions with me.

Life Coaching for Confidence and Success

These sessions are ideal for anyone who has decided that they want to change their lives for the better, face challenging decisions or want to be more successful in achieving their goals.  This life coaching will provide you with the focused support and encouragement that will help you really make a difference by:

  • Building your confidence and strengthening positive self-belief
  • Improving your relationships
  • Developing practical strategies for a better quality of life
  • Helping you to get clear and able to really focus on your goals
  • Supporting you in making difficult decisions

How telephone life coaching works

You can order your life coaching and pay securely online with a credit or debit card, or by using Paypal (pay to:  Once we have received your order I will email you confirmation and provide a choice of times and dates for your first telephone/Skype session.

You telephone or Skype me on the number or Skype name that you will be provided with, at the agreed time for our one-to-one sessions.

Your telephone/Skype life coaching sessions will provide ongoing  support and a reviewable personal action plan to motivate you to reach your goals quickly and effectively.