Get into the skin of the confident you

You are what you believe you are and your expectations attract your experiences.  This means that you can ‘draw’ positivity towards yourself by your thoughts, feelings and actions.  Try getting into the skin of the confident you. 

  • Recollect the last time you were filled with exuberance and hope. If this is too hard just remember a happy occasion (go back as far as you need). 
  • Relive the scene, see the details in colour, feel your upbeat mood, step into your confident mode. 
  • Notice how much brighter you feel as you magnetize the power of positivity towards yourself once again.
  • Repeat this process again and again until you can just create that positive vibration at will.

High self-esteem does not depend on worldly success and personal talents; it is an experience you can have whatever is going on in your life.  When you next feel your mental energy sinking into your boots, start to magnetize a great new alternative mood for yourself.  The more you do this the easier it gets.  Increased self-esteem is only a thought away.