A little about Me

Considered to be a top UK life coach, counsellor, trainer and broadcaster in my field, I have 25 years of experience in teaching others how to reach their full potential.

I am an author of 18 self-help books, which are published by Random House and have been translated worldwide. Throughout my career I have written for many magazines and newspapers, including The Times, Guardian, Telegraph, Express, Daily Mail and Woman and Home and Psycholgies Magazine.

I have also delivered  personal development training and life coaching workshops throughout the UK, in Holland, Greece and Asia.

My speciality  lies in coaching people to increase their confidence and self-esteem both in their personal relationships and in the workplace. Sometimes life can be a challenge and at such times it can be so helpful to talk things through in a confidential setting in order to clarify our goals, regain motivation and consider some fresh tips and strategies to make positive changes.

I offer an international coaching service via phone or Skype.

Services available on LyndaField.com

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