20 Ways to increase your Confidence


1                 Smile!

2                 Always expect the best.

3                 Say what you mean.

4                 Network – get out there and get noticed.

5                 Look for the silver lining.

6                 Learn something new – see how flexible you can be.

7                 Break an old habit that you have outgrown.

8                 Keep your sense of humour.

9                 Find time to meet up with your friends regularly.

10              Allocate yourself regular ‘me’ time, because you are worth it!

11              Stop moving goalposts, celebrate any and every step along your way.

12              Spend time with someone who is a positive influence on you.

13              Remember that everything changes and bad times will pass.

14              Keep at it; don’t give up on yourself.

15              Don’t blow things out of proportion – don’t sweat the small stuff!

16              Buy a great pair of shoes, then plan a special occasion to wear them.   

17              Take a step towards one of your goals.

18              Repeat this mantra: I deserve the best.  You do of course!

19              Take some exercise you will feel like a new woman – move that body. 

20              Remember your strengths and demonstrate them. 

Believe in yourself, trust yourself, have confidence in yourself.