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Secure Use of Your Credit or Debit Card
This web site usea an external processing provided by NetBanx,  a secure payment gateway, for collection of your card details. All the information you supply on the Payment screen (including credit and debit card numbers) is encrypted. The information is then taken off the internet and passed to the bank on a private link. This process uses Secure Socket Layer (128-bit SSL) protocol, which is the standard mechanism, used by web browsers to encrypt information. The SSL encrypts all the information you enter before sending it to us. This ensures that no-one can intercept and read your details.  

NetBanx has been adopted by the major UK banks to provide security to their merchants. Nobody other than the bank sees your card details. Netbanx handle them and pass orders and payment to us. We can authorise a refund (or partial refund) to your card by telling Netbanx the transaction reference number.