Your 10 Point Action Plan for Success

1 Get focused.  Choose a goal, be as specific as you can and write it down on a large piece of paper and stick it on your wall.  Now, consider the steps you will need to take.

2 Check that your plan is CRAM - Clear, Realistic, Attractive and Manageable. 

3 Keep yourself motivated and if your confidence drops say to yourself ‘I can do this’

4 Love your goal. Don’t forget how much you want to achieve your dream, imagine yourself reaching your goal.  Really see and feel your success.

 5 Stay confident.  If doubts arise just relax … stop pushing yourself and appreciate how well you are doing! Yes you can do this!

6 Celebrate each step you take along the way (however small) this develops your enthusiasm for the project.

7 Be ready to overcome setbacks.  Things will not always go according to plan so maintain a flexible approach – you can surf these waves!

8 Make your dream real by visualizing your success (imagine yourself toned/happy/with new friends/a great job/a fabulous new image/calm and confident…….) We attract whatever we imagine so visualize well!

9 Revisit your original plan.  Are things going in the right direction? Are there any changes that need to be made?  If so then make them.

10 Keep smiling!  You are on your way; enjoy the satisfaction of being focused and feeling in control.                            


  • Consider the steps you will need to take
  • Keep visualizing your success
  • Stay flexible and adaptable when setbacks arise
  • Maintain your enthusiasm by celebrating your progress
  • Have confidence in yourself, you can succeed

                                                                Quick fixes

  • Be ready to step out of your comfort zone – making changes will mean doing things differently.
  • Stop procrastinating and just decide to go for it (whatever it is) – then immediately take action.
  • Break down your plan into small, manageable, bite-sized steps.
  • Keep focused on the next step towards your goal.
  • Be kind to yourself, you will fail to realize your dream if you have to do everything perfectly.
  • Don’t worry about what others think. This is something you are doing for yourself, so don’t let other peoples’ comments and opinions deter you.
  • Be committed to yourself and to your plan.
  • Stay positive and upbeat by talking yourself up with supportive affirmations (for example: I am doing well, I can do what it takes, I am confident that I will achieve my dream……..)

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