10 ways to get you back on track.

Finding your purpose

Some people seem to have an obvious path ahead of them: they know what they love to do; they are clearly focused career wise and maybe they are even in a great relationship.  But although they might look as if though have got it made, you can be quite sure that they have had to carve out these happy outcomes for themselves and they have to keep on working on them to maintain them.  Our lives are a creative endeavour; we bring our energy, hopes, beliefs and expectations into the arena and make our life what we will.

  You are unique, amazing and wonderful and you came here for a purpose.   And when you are engaged in activities that match your strengths and talents then you will feel this sense of purpose flowing through you and your life will feel meaningful and happy. 

  When clients come for coaching they are often looking for that inner spark of creative energy that will get them back on track again.  We all lose direction at times and when this happens we feel as though we are not getting the most from life; and we are not!  Some clients actually say that they feel as if they are on the wrong path.  When someone describes their life in this way I usually take them back to basics and we look at how they can get back on track again.  I find that people have often forgotten what they are good at and are not using their unique creativity in a way that satisfies their soul; if you are feeling like a square peg in a round hole then you will know what this means.

10 Ways to get back on track

 1        Pursue your passions.  Do more of what you love to do.  Act when you feel that ‘get up and go’ energy coursing through you.  I am always telling clients that they will only achieve their goals if they are mad about them and this is so true.  We are usually attracted to a course of action which draws on our skills, so begin to notice what attracts you and develop t

2        Notice where your energy flags and you lose interest.  If you are bored by a prospective project it usually means that you are not going to give it your all.  Ask yourself if this course of action suits you.  Are you doing this because you think you ought to or because someone else expects you to?

 3        Follow your instincts. Don’t just deliberate and evaluate. Start to check into your gut feelings.  What does your instinct tell you to do?  What feels good?  Use your head and your heart to come to a decision and when you just know something is right then follow that knowledge.

4         Make a list of your skills and strengths. Name your talents; get them down in black and white.  What are you good at?  Brainstorm and create a list of your unique personal qualities.

5         Act with discrimination. When you feel that you are just putting in time then it is a sign that you are running way below your potential.  If you feel like this in any area of your life begin to question your motives.  Why are you doing whatever you are doing?  What action would you prefer to be taking?

 6        Be ready to make changes. If you are a feeling like the proverbial square peg then it’s time to find a new niche that fits you.  Change can be unsettling but if you decide to welcome it then it can feel liberating!  Approach potential life transformations with a pioneer spirit and let the excitement of the new carry you through.

 7       Stay open and aware. You never know what might be around the next corner.  Adopt a hopefully expectant response and you will attract exciting new outcomes.  Stay in the positive zone and remember that anything is possible!

 8      Tap into your creative energy.  When you lose yourself in a task you are reaching creative heights as you become totally engaged and lose any sense of self-consciousness.  Ask yourself when this happens for you.  What does this insight tell you about yourself?

 9       Make a commitment. As soon as your heart and mind know what you need to do to bring the oomph back into your life then you must commit wholeheartedly to following this through.  Nothing less than 100% commitment will do.  Take that first step towards activating your plan and you are on your way.

 10      Trust yourself, your dreams and the universe.  There are no lucky breaks; you make your own luck.  There are no coincidences, you attract the circumstances you need to realize your goals.  Believe that you will fulfill your purpose and you will!


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