Easy ways to become an Optimist

Make the Decision to be an Optimist

How is your glass looking at the moment?  If your outlook is bright and buoyant then your upbeat expectations will attract more positive outcomes and increase your feelings of wellbeing and happiness.  And similarly, if your glass looks half empty then this will have a negative impact on your life.  If you are going through a particularly challenging time right now then it’s important to remember that these difficult feelings will change, and sometimes we just have to wait in ‘optimistic hopefulness’ for the dark clouds to blow over. 

The essential point here is that our attitude to life alters the quality of our experiences and recent research shows that we can all learn to be optimistic ~ surely grounds for us all to feel hopeful about our future.  Let’s take a look at exactly how this might work in everyday life. Positive Psychology demonstrates that optimists actively cultivate positive thoughts and hold a positive vision.

 You could apply this approach to any situation that you find yourself in at the moment.  For example, if you are feeling the financial squeeze then constantly bemoaning the fact will not help you in any way; it will only make you more miserable.  So rather than concentrating on what you don’t have you could take the optimistic approach and cultivate some positive thoughts about what you do have.  Appreciation can lift your mood in an instant and you might notice that optimistic people often demonstrate their gratitude for the simple pleasures of life. 

Studies demonstrate that optimists enjoy better physical health, faster recovery from illness and suffer less from stress.  This is not to say that optimists don’t get ill; we all have health problems at some time or another, but again a positive approach can be most beneficial.  Being grateful for what we can do is always more energizing and enlivening that focusing on what we can’t do.

An optimistic attitude can also help to generate good relationships and bring out the best in others ~ yet another brilliant reason to decide to be an optimist!

Your Reasons to be Optimistic

Remembering and appreciating the good things in your life is a great way to encourage your brightness of spirit.  Write a list to remind you.

Think of ….

  • Someone who loves you
  • Someone you love
  • A personal strength
  • Your favorite food
  • A time when somebody was kind to you
  • The best thing that’s happened this week
  • One thing you are looking forward to
  • A moment when you felt appreciated
  • Something that made you laugh this week
  • Your favorite flowers
  • A reason to be proud of yourself

10 Ways to be an Optimist

  1. Expect the best and you might be happily surprised
  2. Encourage others and you will also feel uplifted
  3. Smile (an instant feelgood moment for you and everyone else)
  4. Look for the silver lining
  5. Believe in yourself and others
  6. Be thankful for what you have
  7. Imagine a positive outcome (we attract what we most think about)
  8. Cultivate positive thoughts
  9. Notice the kindness of others (this makes us feel good)
  10. Love your life (and it will love you back)

Please note, that if you think that you are suffering with a serious mental health problem you are advised to seek the appropriate professional help.

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