Do you make good decisions?


What is the difference between people who make things happen and those who just seem to have things happen to them?  Why can one person create new directions for herself whilst another always seems to be the victim of circumstances?  The difference lies in their ability to make decisions.

How do you feel about making decisions?  Would you describe your decision-making powers as:

  • Good
  • Not so good
  • Poor
  • Can’t decide

When we are not feeling our best our self-respect plummets and it becomes very hard to trust our own judgement.  One way to overcome this is to use a rather clever strategy.  IDA is a simple formula that you can use whenever you are uncertain about what to decide and therefore how to act.  IDA represents the following process:

INTENTION                 >              DECISION             >      ACTION

You can’t act if you can’t decide how to act, and you can’t make a decision unless you know what you intend to happen.  Discover your intention by asking yourself ‘What do I want to happen?’  Then decide how you need to change your behavior.  Then change your behavior by acting differently.

 When you know what you want you will make things happen.

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