Are you feeling anxious all the time?

We all get anxious sometimes, it’s simply a fact of life. If we could accept this and not get ‘anxious about anxiety’ we would do ourselves a great favor. And although ‘having it all’ might be our quest we need to remember that this might require that we have to ‘do it all’.

Being too busy to make time for our lives is often at the root of the Anxious all The Time Syndrome.

7 Ways to Cope with Anxiety


1 Stay in the moment.

2 Stop trying to control everything. You are not in charge of the universe!

3 Delegate! Such a great tip.

4 Schedule some relaxation time into your day.

5 Ask yourself, does this really matter? If so, take action, if not let it go.

6 Write a simple step by step action plan when you feel an attack of overwhelm coming on.

7 Smile! Keep your sense of humor.

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