6 Easy Ways to Feel Upbeat

6 Steps to a Sunny Outlook

You really can change the way you feel!  If your mood needs lightening and brightening then just try the following tips and strategies to discover a fresh, new, optimistic and upbeat outlook.

Step 1          Expect success

Sometimes an immediate change in attitude is all it takes to turn a negative pessimistic feeling into a positive and optimistic one.

  • Next time you find yourself visualizing the worst possible outcome become aware of what you are doing and then stop yourself, just refuse to go there.
  • Imagine the very best scenario and visualize that instead.  See it happening and make it all as real as possible.
  • Your optimistic view will make you feel much more upbeat and will also help you to attract success.

If you want to bring exciting positive changes into your life then you might need to let go of something first.  Don’t let old negativity drag you down.

 Step 2         Make way for the new

  • Let go of dull routines and replace them with some exciting new experiences.
  • Let go of old complaints and grudges and you will feel more at ease with life.
  • Let go of the thoughts that make you unhappy; focus on happiness.
  • Let go of useless clutter and you will feel an amazing lightness of spirit.

Step 3          Become a pleasure seeker

  • Healthy pleasures are fun and increase our levels of optimism and light heartedness. Make a list of your top ten pleasures:


Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

Visit a friend.

Eat something delicious.

Take a walk in the park.

Curl up with a new book

  • Now choose one of your top ten pleasures to enjoy today. Choose another one tomorrow.  Make sure that you do something just for pleasure every day.

 Step 4        List your reasons to be optimistic

You have so many reasons to be positive but sometimes you might just overlook them.  Write a list to remind you using the following categories.

Think of…

  • A person who loves you
  • Someone who you love
  • Something you do very well
  • The best thing that happened today
  • A time when you felt valued and appreciated
  • An occasion when someone was kind to you

Step 5    Talk yourself up      

With positive self-talk you can ‘talk yourself up’ and lift your energy whenever you need a boost.  Try talking yourself up with the following positive statements:

I love life and life loves me back

I feel great and am ready for anything

Today I am on top of the world, anything is possible

I believe in myself 100%

I am not afraid of anyone or anything.

I feel confident and assertive.

I am so lucky to be alive.

Notice how your levels of positivity and optimism rise when you make these upbeat declarations.

Step 6     Enjoy the moment

  • When you are busy stressing about the future you cannot feel happy, so stop this immediately.
  • When you are worrying and fretting about the past you will always feel low, so stop this too!
  • Replace these two misery making habits with a fresh new approach – decide to enjoy the present moment. Begin to appreciate each moment of your life as it happens and you will be amazed to discover a new buoyant mood and a real lift to your spirits.

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